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May 11, 2018: Technical Speaker Meeting

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Meeting Itinerary /Notes

David Snell with Trenton. Topic will be “Wax tape solutions/application and casing fill”

Native Texan. Live in Richmond and Leakey. Married 40 years this year to Aida, 2 sons Dustin and Taylor both work in oil industry. 2 grandchildren.
3 years in United States Marine Corp - CH-53 mechanic & Crew Chief. 1969-71 
Self employed trucking industry hauling oilfield and heavy equipment.
July 1989 started at Trenton doing casing fill and sales and field support.

Xihua He & Jay Fisher with SWRI.  Topic will be “Storage tank bottom corrosion monitoring”

Dr. Xihua He is a principal scientist working at Southwest Research Institute for nearly 14 years. She is an electrochemist and corrosion scientist with wide experience in corrosion gained in conducting research and development for pipeline companies, refineries, and the nuclear industry for nearly 20 years. She was the principal investigator (PI) of several Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) Internal Corrosion Projects and is the current PI for PRCI Project IC-7-4 on underdeposit corrosion. She also participated in several PRCI projects on aboveground storage tank bottom corrosion, pipeline cathodic protection, casing corrosion. Dr. He is certified by NACE as a senior internal corrosion technologist and cathodic protection expert. She actively participates in NACE committee meetings for revising standards. 

Dr. Fisher is a program director at the Mechanical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute. He is responsible for program development and project management for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) systems and advanced electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation techniques. He has managed projects in the development and application of specialized electromagnetic techniques for flaw detection and material characterization, pulsed eddy current, remote field eddy current, miniature probe development, electromagnetic field modeling, dielectric measurements for flaw detection, advanced flaw imaging and signal processing techniques, guided waves, magnetic flux leakage, and electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology.